The FourX DL allows you to overcome the obstacles: 4-wheel drive powered by powerful motors, seat with gravity point adjustment, and unique suspension and shock absorption ensure a comfortable and safe passage in both off-road and busy city streets.


The Stand Support System feature provides three more functions for its user: support in standing position, 180 degrees of inclination and lifting feature. With this multifunctional wheelchair you are able to manage by yourself, be it at the shop or in your kitchen at home. This feature also benefits you by increasing blood circulation and reducing spasticity and contractures. FourX DL SSS is the best stand supporting electric wheelchair in the market for outdoor hobbies and disabled sports.

FourX DL SSS enables user to:

  • Have an occupation that requires standing
  • Live independent life and manage in situations where a personal assistant or specially equipped transports was needed
  • Be able to communicate face-to-face with standing people
  • Improve blood circulation and loosen up stiffened joints and muscles.
  • Move about outdoors all year round, in all weather conditions
  • Get around in nature, in challenging terrain, such as forests, hills, shores and fields
  • Have a hobby that requires standing, such as golf, hunting, fly fishing etc.

FourX Lift adds a seat riser to the standard model. You can have conversation on eye-to-eye level and reach for higher positioned objects, and drive around while seated higher. The chassis and seat positioning ensure that you will have a comfortable ride. FourX DL Lift gives you independence and the possibility to manage by yourself in situations where you perhaps have earlier needed a personal assistant or specially equipped transport.

Reach elevated levels while sitting and accomplish tasks requiring this at home, at work, and in schools.

FourX DL LIFT enables user to:

  • Lead an independent life at home, at work or at school and manage tasks that require an elevated seating position
  • Reach elevated and face-to-face levels
  • Move outdoors all year round, even in difficult weather conditions
  • Work outdoors, for example in a farm
  • Explore nature and challenging areas with soft, slippery, and uneven terrain
  • Have outdoor hobbies traditionally not associated with wheelchair usage, such as hiking, camping, fishing, and gardening. 
  • Enjoy an active life


CabinAir is a human transport device designed for airport use. 

CabinAir is used by airport personnel to transfer disabled passengers from airport terminal to airplane and vice versa. CabinAir is designed to fit in narrow corridors of most airplanes and it can be also used for carrying passengers over obstacles. All CabinAir-models are equipped with seatbelts, foot support, side supports and removable neck support.

CabinAir can also be equipped with carrying handles that provide better
working ergonomics for airport personnel.


  • Width                                                           695 mm (with wide tyres 745 mm)
  • Height                                                          700-850 mm
  • Length                                                         1250 mm -> 1195 mm (footrest down, footplate up)
  • Weight without batteries                          Four X DL 125kg
                                                                          Four X DL Lift and Four X DL SSS 149kg
  • Maximum speed                                        10 km/h
  • Drive distance                                            ~30 km (terrain and weather conditions may affect)
  • Batteries                                                      2 x 12V 70 Ah gel batteries, (24V electric system)
  • Motors                                                         4 x 250W
  • User max weight                                        125 kg
  • Seating width                                             400-480 mm
  • Seating depth                                             390-510 mm
  • Backrest height                                          500-600 mm
  • Ground clearance                                       6″ wheels 100mm, 8″ wheels 120mm 
  • Seating height without cushions             6″ tires
                                                                          Four X DL 470 mm
                                                                          Four X DL Lift 550 mm
                                                                          Four X DL Stand Support (Four X DL SSS) 540 mm
                                                                          8″ tires:
                                                                          Four X DL 490 m
                                                                          Four X DL Lift 570 mm
  • Gravity point adjustment                          Four X DL SSS 560 mm 250 mm
  • Tilt angle                                                     30°
  • Footrest angle                                            80°
  • Backrest angle                                           84°-125°
  • Turning radius                                             1,15m
  • Electronics                                                   R-net or LINX

The standard Four X DL model always comes comprehensively equipped with ready-to-use features such as:

Patented flexible chassis
Gravity point adjustment
Led driving lights and indicators
Led rear lights and indicators
Balance adjustment
4 vehicle tie-down brackets conforming ISO 7176-19
Adjustable headrest
Adjustable armrests
Adjustable leg rest
Standard size seat and backrest cushions

Why FourX?

High Quality – When your moving is dependent on your powerchair, you have to be able to trust it 100 %. FourX’s technology is based on Finnish forest engineering and it has been developed over decades to meet today’s technological requirements. 

Superb Performance – Threshold, doorstep, steep hill, sand, snow, mud, water on the road. These are all *“business as usual” for FourX powerchair. It will give you a completely new understanding of what freedom means to you. 

Unique Suspension – With FourX you no longer have to avoid unpaved roads or cobblestone streets. Suspension makes every ride smooth and you can go wherever you want – your wheelchair no longer defines your routes! 

Supreme Reach – FourX lift function allows you to stand whenever you want. Standing helps you to reach higher and further – and it also gives many health 
and lifestyle benefits. It gives relief for those who may have limited ability to independently weight shift or have to sit for long periods.

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