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Being alive and having a life are two different things for Ville Jaaranto. Freedom as his dream and equality on his agenda, he sets to travel across Europe by his power wheelchair. While on his journey, he comes to realize that neither he himself nor the world around him are quite ready for it. Crazy dreams are the best cure for a mundane life.”

This is the prolog for a documentary movie that was made a few years back. Ville didn’t make it all the way to Lisbon, but even so he had a great adventure with ups and downs. Ville is an active young man who likes sports and good food. Ville lives in northern Finland, Oulu and a big part of his active life is Aamu, his dog.

Aamu and Ville can be seen outdoors in every weather. In Oulu, winters can be cold and snowy but that doesn’t stop this couple from going out. Ville uses FourX electric wheelchair, that is a four wheel drive with several unique features. It has a very good suspension, which makes the ride sound and smooth.

“I have had many different electric wheelchairs, but FourX is by far the most reliable of them” tells Ville and continues: “In urban areas, I can trust it to get over pavements and other obstacles – and ramps to trains are not an issue.” He also says that like in everything – also in steering a powerchair practice gives you certainty”

Four wheel drive and suspension are features that make FourX wheelchair user-friendly but they have also a serious impact on safety: getting stuck or not being able to cross a street are things that can lead to dangerous situations.

On Ville’s journey across Europe he had a FourX stand support system -chair. “It really makes the difference as with SSS you are on the same level with other people who are walking”.

FourX wheelchairs are designed and built to create equality. When you can move independently, reach higher and even stand up you have so much more opportunities and you are less dependent on other people’s help. 

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