Moventuras’ first powerchair was delivered to the customer

Moventuras’ first powerchair was delivered to the customer

Moventuras manufactures and markets the world’s best electric wheelchair, the FourX.

The superiority of the FourX is based on a unique technology based on forest machine technology, which has been developed by Finnish engineers after listening carefully to the individual needs of wheelchair users.

Moventuras’ production facilities are in Kuopio, and today we got the first FourX chair ready for delivery to our customer in Tampere.

FourX and Moventuras will continue to manufacture and market Chasswheel’s quality products.

We are pleased to inform that the operations continue after Chasswheel Ltd with a new team and new name. We have Great ambitions to serve our partners and customers with high quality products and see the best electric 4×4 wheelchair in action again.

Start-up process has already begun, but we ask you to be a bit more patient until all operations are 100% up and running. We believe that everything should be rolling in the beginning of January 2021. Our new website will also be ready by new year. In the meantime, you can visit for further product information. 

The Team
We have a motivated team behind the operations, following people are in charge of the daily operations of Moventuras.

Technical operations:
Mr. Henri Thitz, over 10-years experience in electrical wheelchairs. Engineering and R/D
Mr. Edwin Bakker, over 10-years experience in electrical wheelchairs, technical support, electrics

Marketing and Sales
Mrs, Pia Lemmetty, Marketing Lead.
Marketing, sales support and social media. Over 20-years of experience in helping companies to grow, find new ways and tools of selling and  promoting the brand.
Mrs. Virpi Salminen, Logistics, Administration Virpi has over 20 years of experience in international business and logistics.
Mr. Janne Pesonen Managing Director
Sales and administration. Over 20-years of experience leading international companies in several areas. Highly motivated to enter a new business area.

Contact Info
VAT no:  FI31648301
Emails: first
Billing address; Moventuras Oy, Laajalahdentie 23, 00330 Helsinki, Finland.
Delivery address: Moventuras Oy, Kettulanlahdentie 10, 70400 Kuopio, Finland

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